New England Standard : Web Development

two questions before we get started:

What do your customers want?
how will your website deliver?


Understand customer expectations.

The secret to a great website is to meet visitor’s needs while addressing any challenges. At New England Standard, we spend time getting to know your product, your business and your customers. Often times, this is a conversation that applies to much more than just your website. We examine your brand as a whole in order to deliver a website your customers will not only visit but also value.



Deliver now. And later.

Successful businesses gain loyalty by consistently meeting customers’ needs and adapting to meet their desires. We build websites that do exactly that. The content and functionality deliver what visitors expect while metrics and analytics help identify missed opportunities. A New England Standard website learns as much as it teaches.


with these not-so-simple answers, we can create a beautiful interface that works great and improves your bottom-line.

Our shared research helps us craft a unique online experience. Your customers will feel they are engaged with a brand that listens, understands, and is there to help. The goal of a site is not to simply convert a visit into a sale, but to truly connect with customer.


Here’s what to expect:

bringing brands online with integrity

Your website may be one of your most powerful marketing tools. New England Standard’s collaborative approach ensures you are involved at each phase.


pre-build needs assessment

We start with a 10,000-foot view of your entire brand. We don’t rush off and start picking colors without a clear picture of what your customers need from your website. Here’s some of what we cover before we start:

The Goal of Your Business, The Purpose of your Organization: We learn who you are, what drives your business and why you’re looking to invest in a new or refurbished website. It’s an immersive process that can sometimes take months. Once we understand your level of commitment and frankly, your capacity for homework, we can set an expectation for the scope of the project.

Desired Metrics: What are your expectations of a new or revised website? A simple question, but the most important one to answer before you start investing valuable time and money. Knowing your expectations & being realistic about your capabilities will allow us to build-in tools that fit your company & measure results.

Target Audience: Who you’re reaching now, and who you’d like to reach.

Available Conversions: How your site can deliver you trackable results.

Promotional Campaigns: Your site will be a powerful marketing tool for time-sensitive events or sales.

Keywords, SEO, and SEM: We’ll lay the ground work to make sure your platform & copy is search engine friendly without sacrificing user experience.

Content strategies & Plans for growth: Thinking of blogging? Your site will be highly scalable, and highly edible. We will provide post-launch training to anyone on your team so you can product new content in-house.

Once we’ve done our needs assessment, New England Standard can provide an estimate. We’ll base our price on an initial hourly projection for the entire build. However, things can change during the course of a project on both sides of the table. We’re sensitive to this. New England Standard is happy to revisit our estimate mid-project as many times as needed.