Limelite Restoration

Limelite Restoration

A collaboration between Red Sapphire Marketing, New England Standard and Limelite Restoration. Grant and Summer Stelter worked in disaster recovery for almost fifteen years in Vermont before launching their own company, Limelite Restoration. Red Sapphire Consulting was helping them get started when they brought us in to create a platform that would help the client stand out among their entrenched competitors.

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Together with Red Sapphire, we designed logos, vehicle wraps, business cards, and a website to capture leads.

Desired Outcome:

The goal was to help this startup make a big impact in the greater Burlington area, particularly in flood-prone areas.


A year after completing the, we added search engine optimization to our services. We went back under the hood and added keyword-focused tags to help the site earn greater visibility for their most important services. Within five months, Limelite shot from a 50+ ranking to having seven keywords in the top ten search results on Google. Three pages are currently in the top five, creating a thirty-eight percent increase in organic search traffic.

New England Standard

New England Standard is a small business, just like yours. We understand the scarcity of resources and time constraints you live with every day. If you reach out to us, we will listen carefully to what's on your mind and respond with an honest solution to your problem.